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Second Hand, Not Second Best

All Vehicles Are Inspected and Meet Our High-Quality Standards

While all the cars we sell are previously-owned, they are never second-best. After a donation is picked up or dropped off (learn more on our donations page) our staff mechanic inspects, tests, and approves the road-safety of every vehicle.


Donors Are Our Heroes

A vehicle is donated to Miracle Hill Auto and arrives at our sales lot, either after being dropped off by the donor or picked up at a location of their choice.


We DON'T Skimp on Safety

The vehicle is put through a thorough, 80-point inspection by our on-site mechanic. This inspection includes a detailed check of a vehicle’s engine, safety systems, fluids,  brakes, lights, steering, and much more.

small repairs

If It's Small, We Fix It

Any minor issues uncovered by our evaluation-for instance a faulty alternator or bad set of brakes– are repaired and the corresponding vehicle sold as operational

scrap car

If It's Big, We Scrap It

Any major issues – think engine or transmission failure – are noted and that car is recycled.

cleaned car

Safety Means Sanitization

After any required repairs have been completed, the vehicle is carefully detailed, cleaned, sanitized, and prepped for listing. Our sanitization process ensures that while our cars may have a few miles, they always feel new to you.

new car

Your Old Car Awaits a New Owner

After photos are taken, detailing is finished, and our mechanic signs off we list the vehicle! The whole process takes around 3 days and the sales from every vehicle return back to our local mercy ministry, Miracle Hill.

Finding your next ride is easy.

Interested in seeing our current inventory? Check out our Sales page to see our available vehicles.